Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to get your makeup to look PERFECT all day long...

Hey everyone... if you haven't watched my video on setting sprays, please do.  It's below:)

I just wanted to give you a few more tips for how to get your makeup to stick all day!

1.  Use a primer.  I know some of you have read about the primer I use... I use Monistat Chafing gel... Now, DO NOT freak out (LOL)  It is NOT VJ cream... LOL  The main ingredient is dimethicone and it has been raved about as a GREAT oil mattifier... I love it!  It is ONLY for foundation, so use a primer especially for your eyelids if you are looking for an eye primer.  I swear by Painterly paint pot by MAC.  It is a drier primer which is good for oily lids (and dry lids too).. I have had no caking with it, so for me it is the HOLY GRAIL!!!

2.  Use a setting powder.  Makeup Forever HD powder and MAC Prep and Prime transparent finishing powder are my favorites.  I don't see enough of a difference to recommend one over the other.

prep+and+prime.jpg  imgres.jpg

3.  Set Liner with eyeshadow... ESPECIALLY if you are lining the waterline.  Just dab a little shadow of the same color over the liner and you should be good.

4.  A GOOD setting spray will make your makeup BULLETPROOF!!!  I am LOVING Model in a Bottle... SO MUCH SO, that I bought a few more products to try.  I will review those later :)


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