Thursday, July 26, 2012

Everybody has "Something"

This post isn't going to be about makeup or beauty (well maybe inward, but not necessarily outward). I will be posting more blogs in the coming days with "makeup relevance" :)

Everybody has "something"

I was recently asked why I'm so vocal about my "situation" my answer? Everybody has "something"...isn't it true? Everybody has something on their plate to feel sad or depressed about...everybody has something that could potentially steal their joy! I hear stories ALL THE TIME about the struggles of women--I have gotten messages, email, and phone calls from people both I barely know and know well talking about what they go through...I don't know why we stay quiet about them (not that everyone needs to know the nitty gritty details) but I wonder If we wouldn't feel less shame if we knew we weren't alone...I wonder If we wouldn't feel more empowered to make a change if we felt a sense of community and bonding...I wonder if it wouldn't help others to let our struggles out, maybe  even just to a close friend or confidant? 

See I tell my struggles (not the details) because I KNOW I'm not the only one never know what's behind closed doors with anyone, I choose to be open because I want people to see there is life beyond (and even during) your struggle AND struggles are a part of life...your happiness is in YOUR hands, it's not's right there and sometimes just seeing the good in every situation helps us turn it around....some things in our life are out of our control, but many things we can choose to separate from.  We can choose to not allow it into our lives.  As my good friend Says "Jesus want us to love everyone but he didn't say we have to love being WITH everyone". I think it's important to know the difference! 

No matter what your struggle... rest assured, you are NOT alone!!!!!  People put on a happy face, lie to hide the pain and even retreat behind the eyes of the internet (Facebook) to make themselves look better or stronger.  Whatever your "something" is, know you are not alone...