Saturday, January 28, 2012

Essential tools

Hey Everyone

There are certain tools that we all need in our makeup kit.  I wanted to take some time to tell you about some of my favorites...

This is something I will NOT skimp on... I LOVE my tweezers and tweezerman tweezers are the best I have found so far (and they are super cute too).  If you know of better tweezers, I am open to suggestions email me:  


Eye Lash Curler:
The Shu Uemera is the BOMB!!!!  I will give an honorable mention to the gold tweezerman lash curler too.  It's pretty good as well.


Sharpeners:I LOVE my Urban Decay Sharpener.  I literally just sharpened a MAC liner to a FINE FINE point, which sparked my enthusiasm for writing this blog.   It catches the shavings so that they don't fall all over the place.  It is sharp and there is a small and large side for different sized pencils.  


I have another blog dedicated to this, but I LOVE SIGMA's Kabuki brushes lately.. They are awesome.  Crown has some very good ones too :)  

a cute makeup bag for inside your purse
I LOVE my betsy Johnson bag... It is SOOOO cute, sturdy and I have 3 sizes, so I can vary what I put in my bags... LOVE her stuff!!!!  

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Help my winter lips, hands and hair

Winter time... DRY weather, cracked and chapped lips and hands... Dry static laden hair... YIKES!!!! Let's go over some things to help your skin and hair this winter.



I am obsessed with my lips...It's almost funny... I can NOT stand when my lips are dry, so I have done a lot of research throughout the years helping prevent this.


Do's: Do use a VERY emolient serum on your lips at night.  Since I am a traditionalist, I find that gimmicky products aren't as effective as the "old standards". Vaseline is AMAZING... Throw a little on at night and it will prevent the cracking and dryness.


Dont's: Don't use products with Camphor or menthol... they can be very drying and she studies show that it can cause physical dependancy--yikes!  Such products are not what we want here

Waxy products also do a great job of protecting your lips from the elements, but do not do a good job of adding moisture to your lips.


Make sure your lips are protected as well as moisturized.  For a CUTE alternative, try Revlon Lip Butters... They come in 20 awesome colors and are more moisturizing that lip stick, but you will DEFINITELY need a moisturizing product!


Hands dry?  I love Burt's Bee's moisturizer.  It's fabulous!!!


For SEVERELY dry hands, get  pair of cotton white gloves and slather either vaseline or "bag balm" on them and wear the gloves overnight.  It isn't fun, but it solves the problem.


Static isn't cute... A pont tail will hold down SOME of the static, but heck, we need something else.


DON'T: Use hair products that strip the oils from your hair... we need that extra moisture because the air is so dry...Consider only washing your hair every other day... This will prevent dried out locks.  I also like Redken Rewind to smooth down fly-aways.


DO: use a humidifier if your home is very dry.  Do use products with oils like Argon or Jojoba oils.

I hope this helps with your winter/dry blues. Remember to STAY hydrated and your skin and hair will feel better :)

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Friday, January 20, 2012


Hey There...

Who doesn't want that GORGEOUS skin that we see in photographs?  (P.S. it's probably airbrushed, models are no different, they get blemishes too).  Tried everything?  here are 2 things: my favorite QUICK fix and my favorite TRICK to gorgeous skin!

Let me first say, I am a makeup artist, not a dermatologist or esthetician, but am a Makeup artist with acne prone skin.  parts of my life (I confessed this in an earlier blog) have been so HORRIBLE with my battle with acne that it was embarrassing to leave the house.  My skin is sensitive to boot... I find that most people who suffer from acne have sensitive skin... So... these 2 things are MILD and won't break you out.

Quick Fix... you wake up the night before a big event (date, wedding, photoshoot, etc...) and you have a ZIT!  UGH.., that is the worst.  What do you do?

 when you go to bed, put a sulfur cream on it and you will be AMAZED at how much that sulfur dries up your pimple.  Be generous with the cream... Don't skimp... really lay it on the pimple (and only the pimple) thick!  I like the PROACTIVE sulfur mask (but ONLY as a spot treatment and leave it on overnight).

Long Term:  I read a LONG time ago that "egg yolk masks" will repair your skin by adding essential vitamins to your skin... I tried it--it WORKED... Just separate an egg, and put the COOOOOLD egg yolk on your skin.  Leave it on for 10 minutes or so (it will get HARD) and rinse it off with warm water.  Then moisturize as usual.  Do this daily for 3-4 days then 2-3 times a week.  Your skin will be VISIBLY better in a day or two.  This is really a HUGE trick and NOT expensive... so it is worth a try!!!

Other tips: get plenty of rest, eat healthy, drink LOTS of water...remove your makeup at night... Stay away from harsh "fixes"...

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Flawless skin in a photo (MUF HD powder exposed)

Ok, so I have done a TON of photoshoots in my day... both as a model (mostly waaaaay back in the day) and fitness competitor... but also as the makeup artist.  I have learned a thing or 5 about what they say on the internet, what other MUA's say and what is the actual truth.

First off, there is a LOT of rumor on the internet about Makeup Forever HD powder.  Some pics show that there is a white haze on celebrities and they blame this AWESOME finishing powder...

I can honestly say this will happen with ANY powder and the wrong type of flash.  If you plan on taking a lot of self portraits with your iPhone, you will DEFINITELY see this haze on your skin.  The flash is LED and it's FAAAR different from a professional camera in a studio.  I was kind of skiddish about using this before I heard the initial allegations (even though I had used it in MANY MANY photoshoots and had no issues), but I got brave and voila... no issues.  Then I randomly took a pic of my makeup with my iPhone and CRAP, there's that haze... Son of a NUTCRACKER!  This happens with LED flashes with HD Powder and MAC Prep and Prime Translucent finishing powder (which I LOOOOOVE).  Moral of the story, no LED flashes...LOL

As of today, I have found the BEST foundation for a studio photoshoot to be L'Oreal Colorstay...

YUP...L'Oreal!!! No this is not a joke... It has a nice matte finish (but not cakey looking) and really looks better than my high end foundations.  sooooooooooo, it's what I use.  Additionally, there are TONS of colors, 2 formulas based on your skin type and it's inexpensive and easily accessible from most drug stores.  Now, I find that some of the 'fair' color formulas are WAAAY too pink, so I may mix them with another yellow based color and it's perfect.  In fact, this is what I have been reaching for over my Studio Sculpt :)

I used Color stay on ALL of my photo's from SuperShoots (including my main pic on my makeup page) Here is a link to my FB page so you can see...

I also used Colorstay on my photos for my website...YEAH even on myself...

The best advice I can give for photos is to AVOID mineral makeup... you WILL have a funny finish on the photos because of the reflective quality of the minerals... and find foundations with NO or LOW SPF (again, SPF reflects horribly in photos)

I hope this helps... Flawless skin in a photo is not that difficult as long as you have the right products :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Unique Valentine's gift for your honey?

Hey there everyone... After a short sabbatical (ok, not really, my computer was in the hospital and typing on the iPad isn't the same--LOL) I am BACK with a vengeance.  Being "out of commission" for a week made a LONG list of things I would like to talk about on the blog... But first, I had to share something really cool with you... This is really unique...

Sweetheart Photo Shoots

Today I want to talk about something awesome a good friend of mine has started (it's a one time thing, so get in now while you can).  Ever want to get your sweetheart something unique, sexy, and really memorable for Valentine's Day?  Consider a mini-shoot.  This is INCREDIBLE what she has set up... Here's the deal--This photographer (Jody Kavanaugh) is a good friend of mine--and a colleague.  We work together A TON!!!!!!  She shoots pageants, portraits, bodybuilders/fitness competitors, and much much more... I trust her so much, I enlisted her to do my headshots for my website!!  Check this out...

Here is the deal--I am also available for makeup/Hair for those of you who want a little extra pampering, but only on the 28th (which would be PERFECT if you plan to go out on the town in the evening).  Her studio is about an hour south of Chicago.

Sweetheart Photo shoots!

January 28 th & 29 th, 2012 ( weekdays available)

Children and couples 25 minutes sessions

Perfect time to get your Grandchildren Up to dates photos!!

$50.00 for 1-2 people

$65 for 3-5 people

Package includes: 5 edited images on a disc with a print release


*Add on Prints for $25.00 which includes 1-8x10, 2-5x7's and 8 wallets

*Professional makeup application by Megan Melone (which will be perfect for a night out after the shoot with friends or your sweetheart) $65 (false lashes additional $10)

*hair styling: $50

*If you would like to purchase a disc with the remaining images, unedited $50.00

To schedule an appointment please call me at 815 478 4937 or send me a message on fb in a pm.

All payments must be paid in full at time of appointment.

JSK Photography

Contact me or for booking for Jody, call 815-478-4937

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why do we wear makeup?

So I got to thinking... WHY OH WHY do we wear makeup?  Who cares?  In the middle ages, women wore basically NO makeup... But prostitutes wore blush :(  Oh boy... LOL (my have times changed...LOL)  Throughout the years, gradually... makeup became commonplace but why do we CARE????  I mean guys ask this all the time... so I am asking it too.  I have researched this and come up with a few solid points.

1. Media: To some extent, this is cultural--the media shovels pretty women in our face all the time: perfect hair, skinny and awesome wardrobe.  If anything on the celeb's isn't "perfect" they get raked through the coals.  We figure, if THEY are a mess, then we are the crap below the mess (ok, we don't actually THINK this, but it's a subconscious message).

2. to enhance their beauty (my personal fave).  I think that most women choose to wear makeup to bring out their best features and balance out the symmetry in their face (many times, just an instinctual thing).  We have blue eyes--we seek colors that enhance them... We have beautiful full lips, we gloss them up to make them more profound.  Sometimes, we have to cover up a flaw or blemish (or the result of little sleep and those darned dark circles).

3.  To attract a man... NOW now now (forgive me while I step on my soap box)... If a man is attracted to you, while that is ALL FINE AND DANDY, he will NOT stick around if he doesn't make a commitment and love you for a deeper reason than whether your makeup is perfect. Everyone LOVES it when their man looks at them and says "WOW, you are beautiful" ... But he just may say that to you with makeup OFF too :)   Eventually, when that makeup comes off, women must also work on their inside--DAILY!!  Many times, we get obsessed with what things "appear" to be... rather than what really "IS".  Make sense?  So let's throw this reason in the Shredder!!!! (STEPPING OFF OF THE SOAP BOX)

4. To look younger.  I get this one especially... As I creep into my mid-thirties (YIKES--ok.. not quite yet)... I begin to see crow's feet, wrinkles on my lids and the taught skin of my mid-twenties isn't my reality anymore.  Sad, but makeup can make us look bright eyed as we did a decade or more ago.  Hey, if you look good, you feel good, RIGHT?  (Buzzer sounds... NOT SO FAST!!! I know plenty of beautiful women who aren't happy inside)  I will go back to a previous point... A wrinkle might JUST be the sign of all the laughs you had in your youth!  It's not such a bad thing... But you should feel good in your own skin.

So, We wear makeup... that's what we do.  I am a makeup artist with a ZUCA full of makeup... I am constantly seeking better and MORE to make my clients feel and look amazing.  Sometimes we may overdo it.... SO WHAT?  A bigger question to ask yourself is: "Are you happy?"

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