Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why do we wear makeup?

So I got to thinking... WHY OH WHY do we wear makeup?  Who cares?  In the middle ages, women wore basically NO makeup... But prostitutes wore blush :(  Oh boy... LOL (my have times changed...LOL)  Throughout the years, gradually... makeup became commonplace but why do we CARE????  I mean guys ask this all the time... so I am asking it too.  I have researched this and come up with a few solid points.

1. Media: To some extent, this is cultural--the media shovels pretty women in our face all the time: perfect hair, skinny and awesome wardrobe.  If anything on the celeb's isn't "perfect" they get raked through the coals.  We figure, if THEY are a mess, then we are the crap below the mess (ok, we don't actually THINK this, but it's a subconscious message).

2. to enhance their beauty (my personal fave).  I think that most women choose to wear makeup to bring out their best features and balance out the symmetry in their face (many times, just an instinctual thing).  We have blue eyes--we seek colors that enhance them... We have beautiful full lips, we gloss them up to make them more profound.  Sometimes, we have to cover up a flaw or blemish (or the result of little sleep and those darned dark circles).

3.  To attract a man... NOW now now (forgive me while I step on my soap box)... If a man is attracted to you, while that is ALL FINE AND DANDY, he will NOT stick around if he doesn't make a commitment and love you for a deeper reason than whether your makeup is perfect. Everyone LOVES it when their man looks at them and says "WOW, you are beautiful" ... But he just may say that to you with makeup OFF too :)   Eventually, when that makeup comes off, women must also work on their inside--DAILY!!  Many times, we get obsessed with what things "appear" to be... rather than what really "IS".  Make sense?  So let's throw this reason in the Shredder!!!! (STEPPING OFF OF THE SOAP BOX)

4. To look younger.  I get this one especially... As I creep into my mid-thirties (YIKES--ok.. not quite yet)... I begin to see crow's feet, wrinkles on my lids and the taught skin of my mid-twenties isn't my reality anymore.  Sad, but makeup can make us look bright eyed as we did a decade or more ago.  Hey, if you look good, you feel good, RIGHT?  (Buzzer sounds... NOT SO FAST!!! I know plenty of beautiful women who aren't happy inside)  I will go back to a previous point... A wrinkle might JUST be the sign of all the laughs you had in your youth!  It's not such a bad thing... But you should feel good in your own skin.

So, We wear makeup... that's what we do.  I am a makeup artist with a ZUCA full of makeup... I am constantly seeking better and MORE to make my clients feel and look amazing.  Sometimes we may overdo it.... SO WHAT?  A bigger question to ask yourself is: "Are you happy?"

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