Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How do I make my eyes STUNNING? Tricks and tips

I have been asking my audience WHAT exactly they would like to hear about... OVERWHELMINGLY, you have said eyes.... Dark circles, puffiness, saggy lids, etc... Let's fix it!  

Ok, let me first say that nature is nature and apart from chemical/cosmetic treatments such as botox, eye lifts and filling treatments, these are things that will HELP, not miraculously cure your issues.  

Let's get down to business... Issue number one--DARK CIRCLES.

I have recently found a product by Maybelline called instant age rewind eraser ... 

Now, let me first say that I DO indeed have "eye issues" but dark circles isn't really one of them.  I have however recommended this product based on my experience, to clients who do have dark circles and from what I gather, everyone has liked this product.  The pigmentation is GOOD and the formula is light enough that it doesn't crease in fine lines.  I was concerned (to say the least) with how I would like the applicator, and have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised.  If you find that this product isn't enough to cover your dark circles, I think Amazing cosmetics has the BEST and highest pigmented concealer on the market.  I really love this stuff... It is pricey, but a little definitely goes a LOOOOONG way!!!! 

For a long term solution to your dark circles... You may want to seek the advice from a dermatologist or esthetician.  Things like allergies, sun exposure, genetic factors, etc... may all play a role in dark circles

Next issue--PUFFY eyes

Now, before we talk about remedies, let's discuss possible reasons... Yes, it's true, age and genetics might be a main factor, but there are also some things you might consider: not enough sleep, excessive sodium intake, sinus problems, crying, etc... So making sure you know WHY you are experiencing puffiness might be a part in your long term solution... Until then, let me clear up a myth... I get asked a LOT about hemorrhoid cream for under eyes.  The simple answer is this is false.  Creams like this contain vasoconstrictors, which simply put will help shrink blood vessels, but aren't so good for the sensitive/thin skin under the eyes.  I have further been advised that the ingredients (Shark oil and a live yeast cell derivative called Bio-Dyne skin respiratory factor) which was most active in such creams was "yanked" by the FDA and companies were forced to reformulate their products... For this reason, such products containing these ingredients--(including Preparation H) are not available in the USA.  

Drinking a lot of water, getting plenty of rest and using a GOOD eye cream is a better call on puffiness... 

Saggy/Wrinkly eyelids... I guess this isn't really as much of a remedy as a tip.  If you feel you have wrinkly or saggy eyelids, DO NOT (and I repeat DO NOT) use eyeshadow with a lot of shimmer.  The shimmer settles in the fine lines and draws attention to your lids.. You are better off using a matte shadow.  Furthermore, a good eye cream, lots of water and plenty of rest will help :)  

I hope this helps... There are a lot of hereditary issues when it comes to who has wrinkly lids, puffy eyes, etc... but we can do certain things to help minimize those symptoms.  I will ALWAYS say, be healthy and your skin will reflect that!  

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