Monday, December 26, 2011

Post Holiday spectacular

All of the hustle and bustle of the holidays is officially OVER and all I can say is PHEW... LOL  Just wanted to recap some of the beauty related things that took place over the past few days...

I committed a MAKEUP blunder on Christmas EVE... LOL... OOPS... I planned on wearing a sparkly black top to church on Christmas eve, so I did my makeup (purple smoky with MAC stars and Rockets and some silvery sparkle in the tear duct) then I decided I did NOT like what I was wearing (women... yea we do that.. LOL)... SO!!!!!!!  I wore RED with purple eyes... I laughed it off (texting my sister, Amy who is an AMAZING Makeup Artist and her laundry list of celebs she has worked with is too braggy to even discuss--lol I digress...) Amy said "I am doing the same thing"... GREAT!!  Hilarious... So I kept it!

Speaking of Amy... We like to get each other some of our favorite products for Christmas... She got me a GHD (AHHH...MAZING--*STAY TUNED*full review coming up in a few days) Flat iron to replace my Wigo...

additionally, some new MAC products and I got her the AVON liner I rave about.  Her comments when she swatched it were "WOW this is super smooth"... YUP... it is a GREAT liner!!!!!

Other products I received were a Dermalogica intensive eye repair and a moisture boost which I am STOKED to try because my skin gets pretty dry in the winter.

Other beauty products... I got the ZUCA sport PRO bag I had been expecting :)  So... I have officially retired my NYX train case.  It was a nice train case, but I really overworked that puppy... LOL

It was a great Christmas and I really really hope everyone also had a WONDERFUL one!!!  Hit me up on Facebook to talk about your new product discoveries... I love it when people share their awesome finds!!!

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