Saturday, January 28, 2012

Essential tools

Hey Everyone

There are certain tools that we all need in our makeup kit.  I wanted to take some time to tell you about some of my favorites...

This is something I will NOT skimp on... I LOVE my tweezers and tweezerman tweezers are the best I have found so far (and they are super cute too).  If you know of better tweezers, I am open to suggestions email me:  


Eye Lash Curler:
The Shu Uemera is the BOMB!!!!  I will give an honorable mention to the gold tweezerman lash curler too.  It's pretty good as well.


Sharpeners:I LOVE my Urban Decay Sharpener.  I literally just sharpened a MAC liner to a FINE FINE point, which sparked my enthusiasm for writing this blog.   It catches the shavings so that they don't fall all over the place.  It is sharp and there is a small and large side for different sized pencils.  


I have another blog dedicated to this, but I LOVE SIGMA's Kabuki brushes lately.. They are awesome.  Crown has some very good ones too :)  

a cute makeup bag for inside your purse
I LOVE my betsy Johnson bag... It is SOOOO cute, sturdy and I have 3 sizes, so I can vary what I put in my bags... LOVE her stuff!!!!  

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