Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Help my winter lips, hands and hair

Winter time... DRY weather, cracked and chapped lips and hands... Dry static laden hair... YIKES!!!! Let's go over some things to help your skin and hair this winter.



I am obsessed with my lips...It's almost funny... I can NOT stand when my lips are dry, so I have done a lot of research throughout the years helping prevent this.


Do's: Do use a VERY emolient serum on your lips at night.  Since I am a traditionalist, I find that gimmicky products aren't as effective as the "old standards". Vaseline is AMAZING... Throw a little on at night and it will prevent the cracking and dryness.


Dont's: Don't use products with Camphor or menthol... they can be very drying and she studies show that it can cause physical dependancy--yikes!  Such products are not what we want here

Waxy products also do a great job of protecting your lips from the elements, but do not do a good job of adding moisture to your lips.


Make sure your lips are protected as well as moisturized.  For a CUTE alternative, try Revlon Lip Butters... They come in 20 awesome colors and are more moisturizing that lip stick, but you will DEFINITELY need a moisturizing product!


Hands dry?  I love Burt's Bee's moisturizer.  It's fabulous!!!


For SEVERELY dry hands, get  pair of cotton white gloves and slather either vaseline or "bag balm" on them and wear the gloves overnight.  It isn't fun, but it solves the problem.


Static isn't cute... A pont tail will hold down SOME of the static, but heck, we need something else.


DON'T: Use hair products that strip the oils from your hair... we need that extra moisture because the air is so dry...Consider only washing your hair every other day... This will prevent dried out locks.  I also like Redken Rewind to smooth down fly-aways.


DO: use a humidifier if your home is very dry.  Do use products with oils like Argon or Jojoba oils.

I hope this helps with your winter/dry blues. Remember to STAY hydrated and your skin and hair will feel better :)

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