Monday, November 21, 2011

Favorite NEW AND FUN product!

I don't use glitter much, but for the holidays, it is SUPER in!!!  Everything has sparkles, shimmer, etc... so I thought letting you know my FAVE products to get that holiday look would be a great idea!

I have 2 glitters I LOOOOVE... MAC reflects Gold (it's like a pigment... VERY fine glitter)... GORGEOUS over browns (more on how to get it to stick to eyes AFTER you have completed your makeup later).

TooFaced GLAMPIRE glitter.  It is SOOOOOOOOOo incredibly pretty... Kind of a baby pink/bronzie color. Amazing...

Best stuff to make it stick to your lid=TOO FACED Glitter Glue.  The best part about this product is if you already have makeup on, and you just want to add some sparkle for the evening or a party, you can pat on the glitter glue and with a MAC 139 or another flat brush,lay the glitter over the already existing eye makeup. AWESOME!

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