Friday, November 25, 2011

Z palette

there's no way I will have a ton of little pots of eye shadow in my kit--it would take me 11 hours just to open them all and figure out which is which! I've tried other palette but found them to be clunky or cheap or just plain poorly designed. Then I found the z palette!!! Honestly theyre cute (I love the animal print) and since the top is clear, I can see what I'm going to use which saves me a lot of time. I can't say enough--except that the company should pay me to use these because I tell so many people about them!!! (ha wishful thinking I suppose).

They come in two sizes--the small one fits 9 Mac shadow pans or 4 blushes and the large one is easily more than double can also fit oddly shaped pans in the palette. They have a pro pan but I've never used it so I won't speak on it.

HANDS DOWN!!!! The best palette ever...

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