Sunday, November 27, 2011


Favorite brushes--BY FARRRRRR, Crown Brushes!!!!!!  These are GREAT... Crown brushes are NOT ONLY great quality but they are really inexpensive.  MANY MANY companies private label crown brushes and up charge them, if you get them through crown, you are getting basically COST.  (Any no you do not have to be a pro to get these deals... They have sets too!

This one is technically a shadow brush but I use it as a small concealer (detail) brush... AMAZING!!!! (SS01)

 SS011 - Deluxe Oval Shadow
This one is a Chisel Shader (C408)--great for smudging out liner and creating the PERFECT smoky eye... I just LOVE this one!!!
C408 - Chisel Shader

I LOVE this brush so much... I have 2!!!!  It's the C433 PRO blending brush and it is GREAT for blending out and applying color to the crease... LOVE this brush... JUST get two!  LOL

C433 - Pro Blending Fluff

Of course this is not even CLOSE to all of the brushes I love.... but it is my TOP 3 stand outs!  Check out their sets and if you need brushes, or want to get a gift for someone who LOVES makeup... I HIGHLY suggest these brushes... Email me if you have questions!!!! (Or comment below)

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