Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mascara Mayhem

So mascara is one of those things I don't agree with some MUA's about... I do not GET spending $20-$30 on mascara when the only difference I can see (between high end and drug store mascaras) is the wand.  I go through so much mascara between myself and my clients that it seems silly to invest in some pricey ones (although shout out to Tarte for making a GREAT mascara).

I am going to focus on drug store mascara since it is NOT ONLY a better deal (IMO) but more accessible to my clients who ask my opinion on this issue.

Top 3

3.  Loreal Great Lash.  I love this on false lashes.  It gets slammed a lot for being a "wet" formula, but on false lashes, it's perfectly thick and false lashes won't "fall" after you curl them.  It thickens up nicely and my NUMBER ONE pick for application if you are wearing false lashes.

2.  This is a CLOSE ONE!!!!  Voluminous makes several formulas... They all have different wands, but this one (with collagen) is a GREAT volume mascara!  I love the thick wand with a lot of bristles.  This is a FABULOUS mascara!!

1.  My TOP mascara is Voluminous MILLION DOLLAR lashes.  The bristles are small on this wand... It is REALLY great for coating EVERY lash and even on the bottom.  Smaller brushes are great for those little lashes in the inside corner and on the bottom.  I DEFINITELY recommend this one over any other mascara I have tried (including the VERY expensive ones)!!!!

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