Saturday, December 3, 2011

TOP 10 makeup Mistakes

TOP 10 Biggest makeup mistakes:

1.   1.    Matching eyeshadow to shirt (or for my competitors—to your suit).  This is INCREDIBLY outdated and in the 80’s I would say… that’s RAD, but in 2011 (almost 2012), don’t do this. 

2.       2. Not blending foundation properly/choosing the wrong shade.  I have seen it all… way too dark, way too light.  On the lower jaw line, swatch a color and the one that disappears will be the one you want to choose. 

3.       3. Not blending makeup properly (especially on the eyes)… I say it OVER AND OVER, blending is key.  You should not be able to tell where one color starts and where another stops.  If you don’t have good blending brushes, contact me and I will recommend some (or read my previous blogs). 

4.      4.  Bringing out too many features.  If you have dramatic smoky eyes, a red lip will be too much… pick one and let it be your focal point.
5.      5.  Face is TOO SHIMMERY.  Pick and choose wisely where you place your shimmer/highlighter.  In the winter, most experts recommend a matte look while in the summer, a more shimmery/dewy  look is acceptable. 

6.       6. Unkempt lips… OK, maybe this isn’t a makeup issue but keeping lips soft and not peeling (especially in the winter) is a chore in and of itself.  I tend to be a traditionalist and opt for vasaline at night and a moisturizing tinted balm during the day. 

7.      7.  OVERPLUCKED brows… Especially Fall winter 2011/2012  Fuller brows are “IN” and it’s pretty simple to fill in brows (I do it EVERY day).  Use a small angled brush and a matte cream shadow or liner a shade darker than your hair. 

8.       8. Too much makeup: less is more but Calvin Klein Said it best “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” (can you tell which one is better??)

                             natural looking makeup

9.       9.Over-glossed lips: Just gloss in the center when applying over a lipstick… It will by nature diffuse out and you will look amazing!

10.10.    Too much powder (the cakey look).  If you love powder, sprits a little MAC fix plus for a more natural look or just use a translucent set powder (like MAC prep+Prime translucent finishing powder)--besides... this can REALLY age a person... the powder can crease in fine lines... YIKES!!!!

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