Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Ok, sorry this isn't a favorite.. I have gotten a little side tracked and neglected my list.  I am on a QUEST for these freaking Revlon Lip Butters (allegedly they're amazingly moisturizing.. Who doesn't want that for the Winter, right??)  At this point, most people would give up, but seeing empty displays at CVS, just made me want them MORE!!!!!  LOL  So when I get them (and I will) everyone will know about it!!!!

I have checked my local Walgreens, CVS (empty display).. another CVS (nothing) and Target... seriously?  It's Revlon how is everyone sold out?  Today, I guess I will try some more places... Probably Ulta.  I can't believe I am hunting down a lip butter... This is hilarious!  Anyone have them????

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