Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lip Butter Revealed!

HELLLLO Lip Butter.. Playing hard to get I see???  LOL... I am glad I found you!  LOL

Ok ok ok, all silliness aside... Here is a review of the lip butters I hunted down for 2 days!

I finally found these fabulous butters at WALGREENS (beware, they don't all have them).  I bought 4 of them (see swatches below... Special thanks to for the swatches) The colors I got were: Peach Parfait, Pink Truffle, Berry Smoothie and Creme Brule (not shown, but it is a very natural beige/gold).

I am really happy I got these--they are DEFINITLY more moisturizing than lipsticks, but I am very fussy about what I use to moisturize my lips.  I was a professional flutist for a long long time and still play, so I am probably (admittedly, I am being harsh because of my background) a little more persnickety than most... I will  reach for these if I want something with pigment FOR SURE because during the Winter, we ALL need moisturizer.

I would describe the texture as cross between a balm and lipstick.  They aren't quite as pigmented as a lipstick, but PERFECT for a professional environment or day time use.  They feel REALLY smooth on and I just ADORE the colors I chose (there are some really cute pinks too, I chose not to purchase those because I  am pretty fair and my hair is black now, so pinks don't fare well on me at the moment).  My FAVORITE is Pink Truffle!!!! ooh la la... I am LOVING THIS

Scent: I don't have a good sense of smell, so I smell nothing... LOL  No fruity stuff (although they have dessert names) so it's really neutral!

I HIGHLY recommend trying these--especially in the WINTER... The colors are natural, even a little sheer, but definitely pigmented.

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