Friday, December 16, 2011

What makes someone attractive?

This post if for the scientific minded makeup enthusiasts out there… I have alluded to MANY clients about the balance of their brows.  It ALL relates to symmetry… (see below) Makeup is ART but also science.  There was a big study which assessed that a person is attractive because of their symmetry.  See the findings of surgeon Stephen Marquadt here…

The theory is called “the Golden Rule”… Is examines symmetry and the attractiveness of a FACE.  Now, how does this apply to makeup?  Awesome... While this is very fascinating, and I LOVE to hear the theories and studies such as the ones above, from an artist perspective, I can use this info!  Balancing thing out on ones face, whether it be a lip, eyebrow or creating a shadow is CRUCIAL to proper application.  Many of my models have symmetrical issues (ok, EVERYONE does) but knowing these rules and theories really gives me (and all of you reading this) a LEG UP!  All you have to do is balance out the symmetry (or create the illusion)!!!!

Now, somethings (in my opinion) make people unique and often MORE beautiful... For example, Cindy Crawford's mole... 

AN exception to the rule of symmetry is ALWAYS viable... Kate moss is a prime example.  

Having said all of this... If someone is ugly on the inside, we MENTALLY flip a switch and they become ugly on the outside... I am sure we have ALL met someone who is "nothing special physically" (Ugly Betty ring a bell?) and gotten to know the amazing person on the inside and BAM!!!!  Beautiful!  Just like that, our brain changes everything... The rules and theories are only so good... They are a guide that we can use to help us in things like makeup application, but DEFINITELY NOT carved in stone :) 

Eyebrows...DID YOU KNOW??
*your arch should be at it’s height If you measure from the edge of your nose to the outer edge of the pupil 
**the length of the brow lines up with the edge of the nose and eye (use a makeup brush to measure). 
***the inner part of the brow should line up with the imaginary line from the edge of your nostril...

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