Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pigments galore

This blog is ALL ABOUT PIGMENTS... How to use them, my favorites and why you should use them as opposed to traditional shadow.  I hope you enjoy!

Let's tackle the BIG issue--What the heck are they and WHY use them???
(I use MAC pigments but there are others out there--I just prefer MAC)  Pigments are basically HIGHLY pigmented loose makeup (mostly used on the eyes, but you can do SO much with them).  The reason many people prefer them to traditional shadow is because they are LOADED with color!!!!  There is no dispute that they pack a COLOR punch.  The concern is that they have a load of fallout (color drops below the eyes) but you can counter act that by tapping off the brush and applying foundation AFTER your eye makeup.

I like to pack on the pigments by using a MAC 239 brush, pack the color on the brush using the lid of the pigment and PAT on the color on your lid (or wherever you are using the pigment).  I also prefer Painterly Paint Pot, as the pigments stick to this (IMO) better than traditional primers.  You do not need much, so beware!

Foiling: this is a technique we use to get that "wet" look... Some pigments almost look like METAL when applied correctly... It's a GORGEOUS look!!!  How to foil: pack the color on your 239 brush and spray a little MAC fix plus (or mix the pigment in the lid or another small dish,) then apply by patting/packing on the color.  It leave a GORGEOUS shiny look!!!

Another favorite use... Make your own LIP GLOSS... Yup, you can mix pigment with clear gloss and make GORGEOUS pigmented glosses.  I love RUBY red pigment for this!!!  AWESOME!

TOP 7 MAC pigments
1. Blue Brown--it's duochrome... So it looks different depending on the light... awesome by itself, foiled or applied over a black base it is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!  Definitely a MAC staple!

2. Naked... RUN OUT and get this one!!!!  It's perfect for everyone, shimmery and serves as a highlighter, lid color or brow bone color... STAPLE FOR SURE

3.  Ruby Red--Make a Lip Gloss or use as a BEAUTIFUL lid color.  This is for the brave souls... LOL  I just love it!!!

4. Vanilla--AMAZING highlight color!!!! Has pink undertones in it

5. Copper Sparkle--it's pretty chunky so I like it foiled on.

6. Reflects Gold--it's a FINELY milled gold sparkle glitter.  PERFECT for the holidays (I Think this is a PRO color)

7.Melon--It's so pretty... what a great neutral melon color (yes, it is really melon)

Of course there are others that I LOVE, but I had to give you a few ideas.  I started off with a TOP 5 and it turned into 7...LOL

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