Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The primer issue uncovered (plus a secret)

 I was recently posed with a question what prompted me to delve into some terms I use more closely.  My hope is that this post clarifies some products for you as well as helps your makeup last ALL day.

The question I was recently asked was basically (I am paraphrasing) an athletic woman stating that because of her oily skin, her makeup basically melts off before her day is half way done.  I think this is a common problem and there is a HUGE remedy (and honestly pretty simple) and I am going to divulge my secret to you for a AMAZING primer. 

Speaking of  Foundation primers… Let’s talk about those.  What the heck is a PRIMER anyway?  A primer is a cream/gel product that you apply after you cleanse and moisturize your face, just before you apply foundation (I usually wait a few minutes after I apply moisturizer).  The purpose of a primer is to help makeup stay put on your face for 8-12 hours.  Does it work?  ABSOLUTELY!!!!  If you are extra oily, you can try an oil mattifier.  MAC makes a product called SKIN REFINED ZONE that is nice (use only in the T-Zone on top of primer)… But there are other companies that make GREAT mattifying products (Mary Kay has one that gets high marks, I personally have only sampled it—I worked out and makeup didn’t move at ALL!!!)

Back to primers…
There are also eye primers.  I have discussed this a lot on Facebook.  (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Megan-Melone-makeup-services/202668816417684?ref=ts)The purpose of these is not only to allow your makeup to stick to your lid better, but also make the shadow more VIVID.  I won’t put eyemakeup on without a primer… YES, it works.  Concealer can be used as a primer also… I prefer MAC Painterly Paint Pot, especially for oily skin/lids. 

TOP Recommendations: (these are Primers I have tried and these are my UNBIASED opinions… I bought these primers with my own money and am not sponsored or paid for my reviews)

Best Overall (this is my secret): Monistat Chafing gel –I read about this from some WELL respected makeup artists and HESITANTLY gave it a whirl… I have been using it ever since!!!  It is cheap, works amazing and HECK, isn’t that all we need??? Don't be scared, it's not "vag cream" that's NOT it's purpose... LOL  But it is one HECK of a primer!!!

Let me try to explain how GREAT this primer is... When I was at the MAC store a month ago, I was chatting with an associate about the "technical end" of makeup.  He said they had a class with a "well known" makeup artist from France and he stated HE used Chafing Gel instead of the UPPER end ones... WOW!  (Trust me here!!LOL)

Best For sensitive skin: If you have sensitive skin, Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot is wonderful.  There are lots of anti bac properties that make this primer great for troublesome skin.  

Honorable mention: Palladio herbal primer—Worked pretty well, packaging was an issue for me though.  (I don’t really like their eyeshadow primer… VERY similar to Urban Decay, just WAY cheaper—too wet for me)

**some other tips for locking makeup on... Use a good setting product like MAC Prep and prime translucent finishing powder or Makeup Forever HD powder. As a LAST resort, Finishing sprays can be used... But I wouldn't use those daily.  

I really hope that clears it up… As always, post on my Facebook wall orEmail me (Megan@MeganMelone.com) if you have any questions J

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