Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 beauty trends I am happy to see come to an END

I feel the need to put a disclaimer on this one. ..These are my opinions and wheras there are exceptions to these rules, many people can take a trend and COMPLETELY overdo it.  I think in the case of these trends, less is more…Some people can pull off these looks and look stunning and HIP, while others take it to a new height and look like a Peacock on crack...LOL

1.      . Feather extensions: Ok, don’t get me wrong, feathers are fine.  I am just OVER the extensions and clip ins.  I am ok with earrings, accessories, etc… but I saw a woman in the nail salon who had at LEAST 20 multi colored extensions… She looked like a deranged peacock.  The feathers were fine while they lasted, but they have gotten a little out of control!

2.       Spring brought us a trend… BRIGHT colored eyeliner…. SAY WHATTTT?  No thanks… This was an AWFUL trend that was only mainly seen on the runways, mainstream makeup didn’t really get caught up in this (rightfully so).  Goodbye yellow and HOT PINK eyeliner… BLECH!!!

Another Spring trend was slicked back hair.  One word… GREASE!  Eew…

Foldable flats?  I am not sure I ever got this… Cute?  Yup, but are they good for your feet?  I dunno, I don’t have any but seems like there wouldn’t be a sole. 

Bright colored highlights.  Maybe it’s my age or the fact that I grew up in the ages of “rainbow bright” but I don’t get it… GOOD BYE bright locks… Please don’t come back! 

Orange lipstick… OK OK OK, maybe a coral in the summer was accaptable, but Summer 2011 brought some OUTRAGEOUS shades of orange.  This works in editorial print and the runway, but shopping at the local Target and seeing a woman with BRIGHT ORANGE lips is a bit bazaar…

7.       Speaking of Summer 2011, Colored Mascara was in… ADIOS colored mascara!  Ok, I can see a subtle plum or brown, but some of these colors were…well YIKES

There were some AMAZING makeup trends in 2011 also… Red Lips, Pin up liner, bronzed and metallic smoky eyes… AMAZING looks!!!!!!  But remember in the case of trends, don’t overdo it.  (See GORGEOUS examples below)

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